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Best of Norman 2022: Exhibit halls

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Fred Jones Museum of Art

Fred Jones Museum pictured Sept. 12.

Fred Jones

OU’s Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art holds intriguing exhibits and artifacts and is dedicated to creating opportunities for the university community.

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is a free, on-campus art museum featuring over 20,000 pieces in its permanent collection, as well as several temporary exhibitions displaying new art throughout the year. The exhibits include art from Asian, European, Native American, Canadian, Central and South American, and Mexican cultures.  

Exhibitions vary, with contemporary art like SYNESTHESIA, an immersive experience from Factory Obscura, and classic art like the Weitzenhoffer Collection of French Impressionism. The museum is family friendly and has different features for people of all ages. 

The museum also hosts several limited events for the community, such as “Yoga at the Museum,” “Synesthesia Student Party” and “Coffee with the Collection,” combining education with fun.

The museum partners with Norman Public School students through its “pARTner project” and “ArtEDGE” programs. It also holds free art adventure lessons and scavenger hunts for kids, as well as a sixth grade creative writing program.

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is located on Elm Avenue, and it is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 1-5 p.m. Sunday.

Give the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art a visit to observe beautiful art and connect with the Norman community.

The Depot

The Depot is an exhibit hall dedicated to connecting the Norman community through several different forms of art.

Its art gallery features six exhibits a year in the north room, its main exhibit hall, and bimonthly rotating exhibits in the south room. A boutique sells local art and Depot merchandise.

The Heartland Flyer train stops at The Depot each morning, and whether you’re arriving or departing, The Depot offers complimentary coffee.

The hall also hosts several concerts throughout the year. Its “Summer Breeze Concert Series” has national and local musicians, like “The Contraband” and “New Tribe,” perform in Norman’s Lions and Andrews parks from May through September. 

The “Depot Concerts,” hosted from October through March, are held in a listening room, showcasing singers and songwriters. These concerts are an intimate way to experience music up close. These shows are open to anyone, including OU students. Tickets can be purchased through The Depot’s website or Facebook page.

The hall provides workshops and seminars covering topics such as writing, drawing and painting. The hall is also available to rent for events like weddings, parties, seminars or meetings.

The Depot is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. 

Resonator Institute

Resonator Institute is an art center with a mission to help artists, musicians and any other creatives grow. 

The institute displays an art gallery, constantly changing with new exhibits from various artists, along with live music, a community workshop and a free public workspace. It also hosts 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk displays.

It also hosts several educational classes, including ones for kids, classes on experimental printmaking, drawing classes and a workshop on car maintenance and repairs, for a low price. 

The institute hosts a myriad of events, like solo art exhibits, poetry workshops and youth art shows. On the last Sunday of each month, it hosts “Sunday Scaries: a Celebration of Cult Cinema,” showing a classic film to the public for free.

Concerts are also a common occurrence at the institute. Several local artists perform, with genres ranging from hip-hop, pop and electronic dance music, to indie and punk rock.

Resonator Institute is located off of Main Street. Its hours of operation vary based on what events are being held. Workshop hours are 7-10 p.m. Wednesday, and 1-5 p.m. Saturday.

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