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The OU Daily's statement of values

The OU Daily and all its employees operate under a specific set of journalistic and ethical guidelines and values, outlined below.

Accuracy: We aim for every name, every number, every fact to be 100 percent correct. We never knowingly publish inaccurate or incorrect information, and when we make mistakes, we will correct our errors in a timely manner that is transparent with our audience.

Fairness: We aim to accurately represent all views and sides. We will never distort or misrepresent facts.

Bias: We continuously work to make sure our articles are free of any personal, political, or any other type of bias. We also understand that there are issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and other types of bigotry that are objectively wrong, and it is not biased to recognize that fact in our reporting.

Professionalism: We are students, but we maintain a dedication to professionalism. We consider ourselves just as valuable a news source as other professional news organizations and conduct ourselves as such. We are constantly working to become the best we can be so that we can better serve our readers.

Community engagement: We don’t just report on the university community; we live, work and go to school here, too. We want our community to continue to improve. This is a motivating factor for us.

Independence: We have been the independent student voice of the University of Oklahoma since 1916. None of our content is influenced by the university administration or anyone else outside of our staff.

Transparency: We’re human, and sometimes we make mistakes. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we will always promptly and publicly correct any errors we publish. We attempt to make our decisions and processes clear to our readers — we do not operate in secrecy.

Accountability: We are held responsible for our mistakes by one another and by our audience. We are always open to comments, criticisms and suggestions.

Diversity: We work hard to make sure our newsroom is place where people, no matter race, religion, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, or ability feel safe and welcome to work. We also are intentional in our decisions to cover specific communities and issues, and to create a workplace where we are all free to be our fullest selves.

Inclusivity: We believe all spaces in our newsroom should be welcoming and safe for all people, and that all employees’ attitudes toward one another and their community should reflect that goal.


The OU Daily's history

The Oklahoma Daily began publication on Sept. 18, 1916, as a successor to The University Oklahoman with Willard H. Campbell serving as the first editor. The newspaper was published five mornings a week, but publication was suspended in the fall of 1918 because of World War I. Publication resumed as a semi-weekly Jan. 31, 1919, and went back to five days a week the next fall. In 1919, on-campus publishing began, using the university's flat bed cylinder press.

In the fall of 1921, the circulation for The Daily was 700, plus 200 mail subscribers, and by 1926, circulation had reached 6,000. Also in 1926, The Daily became a member of The Associated Press — the only college paper at that time with full voting and membership rights.

A poll in December 1946 showed that 72 percent of the student body read The Daily. In May 1956, a libel suit was filed against editor George Gravely and faculty supervisor Louise B. Moore. The suit was dismissed as groundless, but it marked the first time The Daily had been sued for libel. 

The Daily moved into Copeland Hall — its current location — in the fall of 1958 (although the building didn’t get that name for three more years). In 1976, The Daily entered the computer age with a system that used video display terminals and a scanner to read typed copy. The paper was switched to broadsheet format in 1977. 

The Daily's coverage of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing was recognized nationally, as media from all over the world contacted its reporters for information. The Daily staff put on a disaster-coverage workshop at the CMA/ACP convention in Washington, D.C. The Daily's website was launched April 19, 1995 — the same day as the bombing — when a Daily columnist from the Middle East started a website so his friends and family back home could find out information about the bombing. 

In 1997, the newsroom was moved into its current location inside Copeland Hall where the backshop used to be. (The Daily had been down the hall, around the corner.) Also in 1997, The Daily switched to yearlong editor-in-chiefs. 

In 2003, The Daily dropped The Associated Press wire service for a year after a contract dispute. Service was resumed in 2004 after the AP began charging an educational rate to all colleges and universities.

In 2006, The Daily's website merged with the Sooner Information Network and formed a student portal, changing its name to the HUB. The thought behind that move was to make a "hub" of all campus information for students. 

In summer 2008, the HUB was redesigned into OUDaily.com.

In January 2016, The Daily ramped up its digital presence and shifted print publication to Mondays and Thursdays during the academic year.

In March 2019, The Daily shifted print publication to Mondays only, with some special editions, during the academic year.

In August 2020, The Daily shifted print publication to Tuesdays only, with some special editions, during the academic year.

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