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Outsourced: A wrap-up of columns about healthy relationships, safe sex

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Outsourced Wrap-up

The OU Daily Outsourced column addressed many topics throughout the semester.

We've talked about sex, condoms and stalking.

This semester, The Daily partnered with the Gender + Equality Center, Goddard Health Center and Norman's Adam & Eve to bring the OU community information about healthy relationships, sex lives and other topics.

Here's a list of all of the Outsourced columns from the semester:

What does stalking look like, and what resources are available?

For the inaugural column, The Daily spoke with Bliss Brown, the GEC's program coordinator for gender-based violence prevention, about stalking, signs to be aware of and resources available on campus.

What are STIs and how can they be treated?

Before we asked about anyone about sex or getting intimate, we wanted to know what exactly people could be at risk for. We also wanted to discuss the difference was between STDs and STIs.

Let's talk about sex — how should the first time be approached?

As Valentine's Day approached, it seemed important to ask how people should go about discussing the first time they want to be intimate with someone else. Lennox Ryerson-Gonzalez, co-owner of Norman’s Adam & Eve, said a person should consider what they truly want and go from there.

What are signs, misconceptions of dating violence?

Dating violence is something we think should be discussed all the time, not just during teen dating violence awareness month (February). We found out from the GEC what signs may look like for dating violence and three misconceptions of it.

What do we need to know about safe sex?

Something we touched on, but didn't go in-depth with, during the column about STIs is how to protect oneself against them. We spoke with Goddard Health Center about some of the resources that are available on campus for the community.

What is consent and when do you use it?

Another aspect of sex that's important is consent. Consent, the GEC told us, is "the presence of a 'yes,' not the absence of a 'no.'" 

How have perceptions of sexuality changed through time?

The idea of sex and sexualities have changed as time has gone on, and we wanted to know why and how. Meredith Worthen, an associate professor of sociology and women and gender studies at OU, told us how the United States began to express its sexuality, how it was perceived and how it changed with technology.

For other questions about healthy relationships, sex or other interactions, please ask a question anonymously using our Google Form.

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