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Management Information Systems Programming Bowl returns after hiatus, offers students career opportunities

MIS hackers

Photo of the Management Information System Programming Bowl on Oct. 21.

OU's division of management information systems hosted the first round of the Management Information Systems Programming Bowl on Oct. 21 for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bowl helped students connect with sponsors as well as develop programming skills. Munkhbileg Munkhburen, a master's senior in management information systems, won first place in the competition. 

The bowl involved a series of 10 programming problems students had to solve using their choice of programming software with a time limit of about two hours. Students' solutions were then judged on the time it took to solve and the accuracy of the answer.

The winners received prizes, including an Apple Watch, Beats headphones and gaming computer mice, as well as the chance to participate in round two of the bowl.

Radhika Santhanam, director of the management information systems division, said she hopes the competition and the management information systems division empowers students to apply their programming skills to enhance human technology interactions.

“Management information systems provides the social technical perspective (to students),” Santhanam said. “It is how to improve human beings interactions with technology."

The contest started at 9 a.m. and lasted until 10:45 a.m., with the MIS Student Association, a student organization on campus, helping register students. Afterward, students went to the awards ceremony to meet with leadership and the sponsors of the contest.

The faculty committee for the Bowl was Xinglong Ju, Naveen Kumar and Adam Ackerman. The sponsors included the Center for Management Information Studies, American Fidelity, Pioneer Natural Resources, Love’s Travel Stops, the Price College of Business and the Innovation Hub at the University of Oklahoma.

During the awards ceremony, representatives from American Fidelity, Love’s and the Innovation Hub spoke about how knowing management information systems helps students in business. Afterward, the prizes were handed out.

Munkhburen won first prize, Blake Hays second and Ali Honarjoo third. There were also six honorable mentions and six participation awards.

Munkhburen won an Apple Watch and was greeted with job opportunities from American Fidelity representatives. He said he did not think he would win, but Ackerman, his programming professor, suggested he enter.

“He just told me to join, and he said I will definitely win,” Munkhburen said. “I didn’t know (that I was going to win). This is just amazing.”

Winners will participate in round two, which will be held on Nov. 4. Students will work in pairs to create an app to help new management information systems students and compete for even bigger prizes. 

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