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OU students make the best of campus closure amid inclement weather

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Frozen acorns

Acorns glazed in ice Oct. 27.

With chilly weather and freezing rain across the state, the OU Norman campus closed for two and a half days. Students and faculty were given a brief respite from their rigorous schedules to catch up on work and grading.

Some students, on the other hand, used the ice days to spend time relaxing in whatever way they could.


Angel Fox, computer engineering sophomore, was not excited about the day off at first. 

“I don’t like being cooped up in my house all day,” Fox said.

After spending the morning catching up on work, Fox and her roommate found themselves with some free time. They had an itch to go outside, so they grabbed a laundry basket and headed for a nearby hill. 

Soon, they were taking turns sledding down the hill, slowly packing the ice down and picking up speed. They were cold and wet by the end, but Fox said it was a great way to break up the monotony of staying inside.

Video games

For those who still had power, online forms of media became a great way to stay warm and entertained. Kylah Barrett, nonprofit and public administration sophomore, was happy to jump on the video game train.

“After I got some work done, I decided to take it easy,” Barrett said.

She was drawn to the popular game Minecraft, saying it was something easy to play while not thinking too hard. Barrett also jumped around on some other online games, playing with strangers and friends.

Another game people have spent the days playing is Among Us, a free app for phones that is also available for purchase on desktop computers. Others have turned to Grand Theft Auto V, Portal and Jackbox Games. All of these games give a person the chance to play with friends without having to brave the roads.

Eating, drinking

In the OU cat-themed group chat, students discussed some of their favorite beverages to make on cold days. Many drinks were based around hot chocolate mixed with various flavored liqueurs like Baileys Irish Cream and peppermint schnapps. 

Others took to mixing snacks and warm beverages into unique and delicious desserts, like dipping gingersnaps in coffee.

Fox baked an apple pie on the first night of the ice days for her and her roommate to enjoy during the cold weather. After their sledding activity, they warmed up with a slice of pie and a cup of tea.

“I think we made the best of it,” Fox said.

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