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OU Class of 2025 breaks record as most diverse, academically successful group in school history

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OU Students watch Joe Harroz

OU Students watch Joe Harroz during the OU class of 2025 kick-off on Aug. 13.

OU announced in a press release Monday that the Class of 2025 broke several school records as they begin their first week of college.

Of 4,595 freshmen, 38 percent are of minorities groups, 25 percent are first-generation students and 84 are Davis United World College Scholars. Compared to the 4,448 freshmen in the Class of 2024, the newest class holds a 2.5 percent increase in minorities, a three percent increase in first-generation students and an additional seven Davis UWC Scholars.  

This increase comes on the heels of the OU’s “Lead on, University” Strategic Plan, announced in July of 2020, which consists of five pillars highlighting academic goals, college affordability and internal growth, a university spokesperson wrote in an email.

The Class of 2025, the largest, most diverse, most academically successful freshman class in university history, reflects Pillars 2, 3 and 4 of the Strategic Plan – prepare students for a life of success, meaning, service and positive impact; make OU’s excellence affordable and attainable; and become a place of belonging and emotional growth for all students, faculty, staff and alumni,” the spokesperson wrote.

In order to continue the success of the Class of 2025, the university spokesperson wrote OU plans to continue its current recruitment efforts. A major goal of the Recruitment and Admissions Office is to “secure the accessibility and attainability of student excellency.” 

“We are excited about this year’s incoming class and teaching the next generation of leaders," the spokesperson wrote. “As always, classes are structured to ensure faculty can teach and students can learn. Regardless of the size or demographics of the class, students will have access to world-class faculty who will continue to provide students with quality instruction.” 

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