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Former SGA president responds to white supremacist posters found on campus

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Baker speaks

Former SGA President J.D. Baker speaks to the crowd at the State of the SGA event in the Oklahoma Memorial Union on April 24, 2017.

An OU student found racist and white supremacist posters reading “Let’s become great again,” among other things, in a campus building today.

J.D. Baker, public relations senior and former Student Government Association president, tweeted a picture of two posters he found in OU’s Physical Science Center on March 1.

“We have to do something about it and address it,” Baker said. “OU administrators and us, as students, have to come together and stand against it.”

Posters from the same white nationalist group that hung the most recent posters, Identity Evropa, were found glued to campus structures in October 2016 as well. Organization members identify as “a generation of awakened Europeans who have discovered that (they) are part of the great peoples, history, and civilization that flowed from the European continent,” according to Identity Evropa’s website.

Baker said students who have been at OU for some time, including him, understand the meaning of these posters.

“This brings memories of all that happened and what we fought against,” Baker said.

Baker said that while maintaining free speech matters, so does taking a stand to ensure OU is an inclusive campus.

“Free speech is important,” Baker said. “But there is no such thing as free speech when you are marginalizing certain groups of people. While you are free to say something, it doesn’t mean you should.”

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