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OU Regents to 'carefully consider' findings after six hour briefing on investigation of alleged sexual misconduct by David Boren

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Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes (copy)

Chairwoman of the OU Board of Regents Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes speaks at a press conference at the Oklahoma City Capitol March 1.

After receiving a six-hour briefing on the investigation into multiple sexual harassment allegations against former OU President David Boren, the OU Board of Regents will “carefully consider” what it learned from Jones Day investigators.

The regents stayed in an executive session for the entire April 9 briefing, after which Chair Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes said the board would respond to the Jones Day report in a timely manner, according to university policies.  

“We have said from the beginning when multiple individuals alleged inappropriate conduct that we wanted an independent investigation to provide us the facts,” Rainbolt-Forbes said. “We are satisfied that the investigation by Jones Day was fair, non-biased, thorough and objective.”

A November 2018 report to Title IX, detailing Boren accuser Jess Eddy’s account of alleged unwanted sexual advances from Boren, prompted the Jones Day investigation, said Sara Bana, Eddy’s civil advocate. Eddy told The Daily he did not file the report himself, and is unsure who did.

Rainbolt-Forbes did not confirm nor deny that the investigation by law firm Jones Day was completed.

“We received the report from Jones Day and that is all that we are pretty much going to say about that,” Rainbolt-Forbes said.

Eddy was present during the regents’ meeting and gave reporters a copy of the Title IX intake summary that he received from Boren's attorney Clark Brewster. Brewster received it from Title IX, Eddy said.

“I have interest of the victims at heart and the interest of the current students faculty and staff at OU who are under the administration that is perpetuating this behavior, concealment, cover-up of grievance crime and misconduct,” Eddy said.

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