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Here's everything we know about OU President James Gallogly's Nov. 1 staff layoffs

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Evans Hall

Evans Hall's main entrance on University of Oklahoma's Norman campus.

After OU President James Gallogly announced staff layoffs in a Thursday, Nov. 1, email to all faculty and staff, the OU community was left with more questions than answers. 

Here is everything The Daily has discovered so far: 

- Roughly 50 employees have been terminated as of Nov. 1. 

- Most employees whose positions were eliminated worked in the landscaping department, though some were from various other departments on Norman's campus, according to OU Public Affairs. 

- OU's Office of Undergraduate Research, which included two university staff and six student workers, has been terminated, according to Susan Walden, the program's former director.

- OU's Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment has been terminated, according to Walden. 

-OU's Center for Applied Research Development has also been closed, according to OU Public Affairs. 

-OU Public Affairs has said that layoffs and office closures in the Office of the Vice President for Research were "painful" but "necessary," although students are left confused about the administration's conflicting stance on research. 

- Cuts will not be "across-the board," and this round of layoffs should be the last during the calendar year, according to Gallogly's email sent to faculty and staff.

-JP Audas, associate Vice President for alumni and development, was terminated from his position. 

- Tripp Hall, former vice president of university development, was terminated from his position. 

-OU's One University Store, a retail space and digital initiative in the Oklahoma Memorial Union, has announced it will close in December, although it is unclear if this closure is related to the staff reduction. The Daily is waiting to hear back from Public Affairs. 

The Daily is also waiting to hear back on a potential policy violation. The staff handbook requires a "30-calendar-day notice" for employees terminated in a reduction in force plan, yet multiple individuals have told The Daily they were not given prior notice before being terminated on Thursday.

OU Public Affairs has also been asked to provide the names of individuals and departments included in the terminations. 

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the layoffs, reach out to The Daily at or send a message to The Daily on Facebook or Twitter. 

This post will continue to be updated as more information becomes available. 

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Kayla Branch is a journalism senior and The Daily's enterprise editor. Previously, she has been the editor-in-chief, a news editor and covered the student government as a reporter.

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