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Bizzell Memorial Library’s Leaning Tower of Pisa statue to be removed

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Mini Pisa (copy)

The replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa during deconstruction May 15.

A notable feature in the west entrance of OU’s Bizzell Memorial Library is being removed.

OU’s Leaning Tower of Pisa is being taken down after residing in the library foyer since 2015.

The tower, which was built by the Gallogly College of Engineering as part of the Galileo’s World exhibition, served as a symbol of cross-disciplinary innovation and collaboration, Chelsea Julian, communication coordinator for OU Libraries, said in an email.

The tower was a regular component of prospective student tours, and visually demonstrated how OU Libraries’ special collections support research and current creative scholarship at OU, Julian said the email.

“From the student involvement during its creation and the expertise and ingenuity that brought it to life,” Julian said in the email, “we are grateful to the Gallogly College of Engineering for contributing the tower as a showpiece to the exhibition and the library.”

 OU’s Leaning Tower of Pisa is in the process of being deconstructed and will thereafter return to the College of Engineering, Julian said in the email.

 The space will remain empty for now, Julian said in the email. A new exhibition — Native Voices over the airwaves: the Indians for Indians Hour Radio Show is scheduled to open in November.

 “There is always plenty to see, learn and explore in the Bizzell Memorial Library,” Julian said in the email.

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