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University to offer pass/fail grading option to Norman Campus students

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OU is offering the opportunity for all Norman Campus undergraduate and graduate students to convert any courses to pass/no-pass grading, according to an email sent to students from provost Kyle Harper.

According to the email, faculty will submit letter grades to the registrar’s office and students will have 7 days after the date final grades are posted to elect to pass/no-pass grading. There is no limit on the number of courses students can convert to pass/no-pass grading, and students may make the decision on a course-by-course basis, Harper said in the email.

The College of Law is “currently developing a grading policy appropriate to its programs,” Harper said in the email. 

All courses that students receive a passing grade will go toward degree requirements, which overrides some departmental or college policies, according to the email. If students elect for the pass/no-pass, grades of D or better in a course would convert to P (Pass), but at the graduate level, all grades of C or better in a will convert to P (Pass).

“We are working through the logistical details of this process right now, and further guidance about how to elect the pass/no-pass option will be communicated to you in the coming weeks,” Harper said in the email “It will be important that students consider the possible implications of electing the pass/no-pass option…  and our academic advisors are ready to assist students in exploring their best options.”

The date to submit a withdrawal for an automatic grade of W for undergraduate students will be postponed to April 17 as well, according to the email, to “reduce stress and provide more time to receive information to make a wise decision about withdrawing from a course.”

“We have asked the faculty that they be flexible during this time,” Harper said. “Due to the change to online instruction, you should expect that your instructors will make some modifications to their courses and syllabi…Faculty have been informed that they can either continue in real time (synchronous) instruction at the scheduled class time, or may move to a more flexible asynchronous mode of instruction.”

Harper also asked students to review “The Keys to Success” to be ready for Monday’s online instruction, along with downloading any software required for courses, logging into Canvas, and logging into Zoom.

“We are all in this transition together. We are all adapting to new technologies and new modes of interacting,” Harper said. “I am proud of how everyone in our community is coming together to rise to this challenge.”


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