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Oklahoma football: What Lincoln Riley had to say after Sooners' heartbreaking Rose Bowl loss

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Lincoln Riley

OU coach Lincoln Riley walks off the field after the Sooners lost the Rose Bowl Jan. 1.

PASADENA, California — No. 2 Oklahoma lost in double overtime to No. 3 Georgia, ending its season in heartbreaking fashion. 

Here's what coach Lincoln Riley said after the game:

On if he regrets any decisions from the game

I don't know that there's one thing. Just that we had an opportunity to win the game. We had some — we'd separate ourself a little bit there in the first half and weren't able to maintain it. Probably just overall as a team how we played there coming out of halftime. We just didn't put our best foot forward. But, look, give Georgia credit. There's a reason they're in this game, too. They're a very, very talented team. But, no, I will never say one play in particular. There is no one play that lost this game for us or won it for Georgia. There was a ton of good plays on both sides of the ball, and they made one more than we did.

On the squib kick before halftime

Yeah, I mean, I don't know that we necessarily lost momentum. That probably gave them a little bit of juice. They were able to steal three points on us. It was a good call. And Austin's been great with those. He just didn't hit it well and ended up going right to their guy, which that's the one thing you can't do and we did.

Then they did a good job of executing. It was kind of right there on the edge of do they throw a Hail Mary or not, and we certainly didn't want to give up the Hail Mary, so we went into a defense against that. He made a nice throw on the out ball and the guy made a bomb. So, yeah, give them credit. Gave them a little bit of juice, and then, yeah, we just didn't play well though early in the second half. That was the stretch of the game that I was probably most disappointed in.

On why he didn't go for it on 4th and one in the first overtime

I was close. I was close. I went back and forth on it a little bit, and I had a lot of confidence in Austin like I have here the second half of the season. Then we had just held them to a field goal, I think, defensively, so I felt good about the second run at it. I don't know. My gut said to kick it, and we did, and we made it.

On the career he's had with Baker Mayfield

Yeah, it's a little difficult to summarize right now. It's been a great run. It's been an historic run. He's been a big part of it, as have all the players. I just told them I appreciate how much they bought in and had my back all year. I made plenty of mistakes and they helped our team overcome them the entire year.

I love him, love the rest of these guys. It's been a hell of a run. One we'll be proud of for a long, long time, and one, again, that's going to continue to elevate this program to where we finish the deal here in the next few years.

George Stoia joined The Daily in the fall of 2016 as a sophomore and has covered the soccer team, both men's and women's basketball, as well as the football team for the past three years. He graduates in May 2020.

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