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Witness, Norman Police Department detail events of fatal shooting near Lindsey, Elm

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Shed Euwins Memorial

A memorial featuring photos of Shed Euwins and his family surrounded by a broken cross and a shattered vase near the Elm Avenue and Lindsey Street intersection days after the fatal shooting April 9. 

As cop cars surrounded the Elm Avenue and Lindsey Street intersection on April 9, a witness began trying to help Shed Euwins, who had just been shot.

Euwins approached the driver, who was driving a red Camaro with his son in the backseat, causing a disturbance that ended in Euwins being shot, according to the police report.

Mark Dixon, who was two cars behind the red Camaro as he was driving home from his grandson’s soccer game, said he saw Euwins and heard two loud bangs shortly after he went into the road. Dixon then grabbed a towel and pulled his car into the center of the road.

He said he began to use the towel to put pressure on the gunshot wound.

As Dixon was helping him, he said he looked east and saw five cop cars speeding through the center of the street and turned around to see the same coming from the west. He said watching this happen on a street he has driven on for years was “surreal.”

“I was the only guy that helped him,” Dixon said. “I have a son that was in the Marine Corps, and he said ‘Dad, we’ve seen a bunch of this.’ I said ‘I know you have. I've never really had a guy dying in my hands.’”

Dixon said he turned to the driver, who was “still in shock,” and told him to pull his car to the other side of Euwins to protect him as the EMTs began to arrive. 

“After the EMTs came, I looked up and they had a white sheet over (him). They said ‘Hey, he's already gone,’ and the cop said ‘Man, you did everything you could,’” Dixon said.

Sarah Jensen, the public information officer for the Norman Police Department, said the driver stayed and has been cooperating with the ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made, and he was not taken into custody.

The NPD also said they do not believe Euwins had a weapon on him, but the motive behind approaching the car is unknown.

During the first few days after the incident, a broken cross and shattered vase laid on the ground near the intersection, featuring a blown-over memorial to Euwins with pictures of him and his five kids.

According to direct messages from two of Euwins' friends, he had been out for a run around campus. They wrote he ran into a friend and complained of cars driving too fast and almost hitting him.

They wrote that Euwin was approaching the car to tell them to slow down.

The friends wrote that they are now waiting for the NPD to release the investigation and are wondering why the department has been “so hush about it.”

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