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OU aims to have freshman housing master plan details, Adams Center demolition date finalized by winter 2022

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Adams Tower

The Adams Tower on the University of Oklahoma campus Feb. 18.

The university released its tentative schedule for its freshman housing master plan, including the proposed dates for the design and construction documents for Adams Center, in an email this week to The Daily. 

OU Director of Media Relations Kesha Keith wrote there is currently no tentative demolition date for Adams Center because the university first hopes to finalize details of its freshman housing master plan. In the fall, a draft report of programming and a master plan report for administrative review will be formularized for Adams and completed by the winter of 2022. 

“This report will assess the total bed replacement layout, potential building locations, building massing, potential floor plan layouts, unit types, high level cost models, sustainability planning, peer institution review, benchmarking, and amenity and operational considerations, among other items,” Keith wrote. 

The OU Board of Regents approved this master plan for the residential hall towers in a March 5 meeting, after OU President Joseph Harroz noted how they were “built in the ‘60s,” and are “ready to be replaced.” The master plan will engage with an architectural firm to construct new living options with 3,350 additional beds. 

A conceptual design report for Phase 1 of the master plan will be created by the winter of 2022, including high-level details for Phase 1 site plans, exterior amenities, building elevations, landscape and hardscape considerations. By the spring of 2023, Keith wrote that 100 percent of construction documents for the first phase of master plan replacements will be available. 

Keith wrote the proposed date to complete construction of Phase 1 for student move-in is set for August 2025. Until then, the university opened Cross Village to incoming freshmen to offset the loss of Adams with a capacity of 1,200 beds. 

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