Bpesco.... keep in mind that OU has thousands of students that are in close proximity to one another. Every business opened up too soon and some people refuse to wear masks, so that is why we are back in this situation. Just because a faculty member is on sabbatical doesn't mean they can'…

Racism is NOT the university's fault - they can't control what people do and say. Pretty soon, people will get offended if someone says the sky is blue.... So tired of these whining kids.... [whistling]

Way overreacting....

People have got to stop getting offended over EVERYTHING! No, it is not a nice word, but he wasn't directly calling anyone that word. It's turned into hysteria...

The hysterics are getting SOOOO out of hand! People need to stop getting so offended over everything! That word was used in history and it is part of history and he wasn't calling anyone by that name!

People have got to stop getting so offended over EVERYTHING!!

Rod... The real issue is the fact that $400,000 is not a sustainable program for such a tiny amount of students. There are no politics involved. It makes sense to cut the program. $400,000!!!??

[thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown]Of course, Grillot has to comment on EVERYTHING! She is a big cause of the drama on campus and will never be happy with anyone as president. She is so negative.

The OU community will never be happy with anyone as president. OU is best at complaining and being negative. People make judgments before they even know someone. [thumbdown]

I agree. This is major overreaction and it didn't even happen on campus!