Statement by Harper seems reasonable and appropriate.

We can all learn through others mistakes and its good to see the college and individual taking responsibility and apologizing.

Amazing to see the entitled nature of today's students. To read that a student "feels he is paying enough money to the university that he shouldn’t have to pay for ... parking tickets." So this means he can park illegally and be exempt from tickets?

“Putting a parking ticket on stud…

Funny how the top picture displays a person wearing a "Mr. Indian" ribbon. That would seem to be offensive to the indigenous peoples of Oklahoma as well as any non-binary human.

Amazing that students couldn't recognize that this is a much less costly and more convenient option than towing. Some communities are quick to cry out over any change without considering that it can be positive to the community. OU Parking was doing the right thing.

If you visit jobs for VeoRide for the University of Oklahoma and the VeoRide website, the jobs have been put on hold (they are not filling most of the positions, including the General Manager). So I wonder if they will really provide the service they have committed.... Sounds like not!

“With six undergraduate students enrolled and nearly $400,000 a year in operating costs,” the release said, “the university’s financial position cannot infuse large funds into the program." This seems to say it all! WAY TO GO JOE!

Way to go Joe! Continuing a focus on making hard but logical decisions. Applause.

Interesting to see that students from around the globe share the feeling of entitlement.

This will be a great education for the students of the University of Oklahoma. Yes we have the freedom of speech, but our speech does come with consequences. This applies to students making racist remarks on video as well as faculty members expressing their free speech as they so choose.