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Boren says Big 12 'psychologically disadvantaged' because of size

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Borens and Stoops

From left to right: OU First Lady Molly Shi Boren, OU Football coach Bob Stoops, wife Carol Stoops and OU President David Boren pose for a photo.

OU President David Boren refused to shy away from his stance on Big 12 expansion after Wednesday's Board of Regents meeting and reinforced his position again Friday.

In a statement to The Daily, Boren called the Big 12 'psychologically disadvantaged' in the new playoff era as the conference butts heads with others containing 12 and 14 teams, such as the Big Ten and SEC.

“I think it’s something we should strive for while we have the time, stability, all of that to look and be choosy,” Boren told reporters Wednesday. “(We) can be very selective about who we want to add. It would have to add value to the conference. I think we should.”

Furthermore, Boren dispelled rumors that current Big 12 teams would be hurt financially if the conference were to expand, as has been widely reported since the additions of West Virginia and TCU.

The Big 12, ESPN and FOX announced a TV deal in 2012 worth $2.5 billion and runs through 2025. The deal includes a minimum of 25 nationally-televised games per year on ABC, FOX, ESPN and FX.

Read the full statement:

"Commissioner Bowlsby said publicly yesterday, as reported in The Daily Oklahoman that our television contracts are written to expand proportionally if we add additional schools. In other words, the pie gets proportionally larger if it is cut 12 ways instead of 10. There could be some slight loss of revenue from bowl games and other sources, but if the conference carefully selects additional members, based upon their media markets and fan base support, the amount should increase rather than decrease. We should; however, be very selective. I do not favor adding two more members unless they meet very high criteria. When we look at football playoffs and our conference is bumping up against conferences with 12 or 14 members, I believe that we are psychologically disadvantaged because we are a smaller conference.”

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