Everybody spends the last few weeks of the semester desperately trying to reach winter break, but when it finally comes around it gets boring. Instead of sleeping your vacation away, try doing some of these activities.

Snow Time: Winter break brings about the craziest weather, and if you’re lucky, this means snow. After working hard all year, it’s time to kick back and enjoy yourself. Grab some friends and go have fun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing in the snow, and the best thing is: you are never too old. Let off some steam by having a snowball fight, show off your skills with ice skating or show your creative side by seeing who can make the best snowman.

Expresso Yourself: Warm up after fun in the snow by grabbing a friend and a hot drink. Have a good catch up while indulging various new flavors the coffee shops introduce during the winter season and try something different. New drinks are made just for winter with flavors such as cinnamon, gingerbread and pumpkin, all of which can spice up your drink and help get you and your friends into the festive spirit.

Hit the Shops: Try hitting up some shops that you haven’t visited before; you never know what you might find. Look for them at your local downtown shopping area and don’t forget to check the back streets; you may be surprised! These shops are often the best; they’ll have unique gift ideas that you wouldn’t usually think of. Often homemade gifts are sold in these places, and not only will you be finding the perfect present to tell your loved ones exactly how much they mean to you, you will also be helping the local economy.

Explore Local Events: Nothing is better than spending time with your nearest and dearest over winter break, so why not make the most of it? Most towns will offer various activities and events during winter break, and it will be worth checking out. There’s no better way to get into the spirit than going to watch the string lights being turned on or watching the parade while drinking eggnog and singing seasonal tunes with your loved ones.

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