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Why we're choosing to reduce publication frequency to two days a week

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The Oklahoma Daily on the racks

Our view: A five-day-a-week printed newspaper is no longer essential at OU. With that in mind, The Daily will begin to print twice weekly next semester. This decision represents our shift into a modern news organization with a mission to reach readers in the most effective way possible.

The Daily will be different in the spring.

One hundred years after its inception as a daily newspaper, Friday morning marked a historic change. The OU Publications Board approved our proposal to reduce the number of print products per week to two beginning next semester.

The evolution of The Daily into an organization with a mission to report news in the digital age has grown over the last few years. Small steps taken by prior editorial staffs and a vigorous commitment by our current one have culminated into a celebratory result — the new Daily.

It’s no secret that print newspapers have lost their essential value. We all know this. Hundreds of copies remain in the racks at the end of each night on this campus.

The need for information can no longer wait until the next morning because it’s never more than a tap away on your phone. We’ve embraced this “news now” mentality and our online platform reflects that. A less frequent print product doesn’t mean a less frequent Daily. Our already established digital first mindset will only become more precise and efficient.

We want our work to serve you in the best way possible. That way used to be through the print product but now it’s through our digital platforms. If fewer people are picking up the paper and more are reading online, it only makes sense for us to adapt.

Like every other decision at The Daily, reducing the number of print publications per week was a student-led initiative. We make plenty of mistakes along the way, but we have an unparalleled passion to serve all of you as best we can. It’s the mindset behind every decision both big and small.

While we feel a daily print edition is no longer necessary, it’s important for us to still maintain a print product. The Daily has a rich history and it’s paramount for us to preserve that.

But when you come back to class next semester, don’t expect the same looking Daily. We’ve repurposed our print edition to make it relevant once more. It will have a fundamentally different design filled with a compilation of our best content.

We will have a Monday and Thursday edition. Every Monday edition will focus around a centerpiece story — in-depth pieces that will showcase our strongest reporting abilities, telling the stories you need to know.

Thursday will be our weekend paper. These editions will give us a chance to find the best stories from across campus. Everyone has a story and we want to tell them. This edition will also be a primer for your weekend plans.

This is an exciting opportunity for us, and you, as our readers, are at the heart of it. We want to continue the two-way street of conversation and have our content reflect every aspect of this community.

The Daily first hit the press in 1916. We know its founders started something special — the independent, student voice of this university. One hundred years later, our staff is charting a new course. We treasure The Daily’s past, but now it’s time to map its future.

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