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Opinion: Chandler Hiatt makes case for why he, Jack Aubel should be elected SGA leaders

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Hiatt and Aubel

Chandler Hiatt and Jack Aubel are running for SGA president and vice president.

What makes us proud to be Sooners? Is it our 36 athletic national championships, or is it the fact that we have more National Merit scholars than any other university in the country? Is it because, here at OU, we celebrate not only cultural diversity but also diversity of thought? The truth is that we aren’t just proud to be OU students when we see the Sooner Schooner rumble onto Owen Field  we are proud of the smallest feats that occur every day on campus. The same jubilant determination that drove the Boomers and Sooners to adventure west for change is what fuels our passion to help lead the University of Oklahoma today. That is why Jack Aubel and I are running to be your SGA president and vice president.

Jack and I have been active members in the OU community since we set foot on campus as freshmen. We have been involved in athletics, greek life, honor societies and service organizations. We’ve seen the amazing things that our student body can accomplish when we unite as a family. At OU, our peers have striven to receive once-in-a-lifetime job opportunities, studied abroad and celebrated their weekends with friends and family at many entertaining football games.

We know that student government will excel through a strong connection with the student body, faculty and administration. Our involvement within other student organizations will help foster these relationships. We don’t want simply to represent you but also to be your voice.

We have spoken with our peers and have found that student government exists mostly in obscurity. While we believe that our predecessors in student government have had the best intentions, they haven’t been able to fully connect with their constituents. We are talking not only about the functions of student government but also about who is involved, what influence student government has on campus and how it grants students a significant voice. Over the last couple months, Jack and I have been focusing on researching and evaluating our campus culture. Our ideas will drastically improve student life and organizations on campus.

Some may think it is an inherent disadvantage to run devoid of SGA experience. We see it as one of the most appealing aspects of our team. Student government shouldn’t only be available to those on the inside. Change should be attainable by every single student. Our campaign seeks to bring together those, like ourselves, who have been affected by policies implemented by student government.

Our platform includes adding a student voice to the Board of Regents, reigniting the fight for fall break, promoting inclusivity for all, providing more resources to sexual assault survivors, bringing the mental health app “Calm” to campus and promoting transparency and inclusivity within SGA. Our platform will gather a group of students who value the opinions of every student in Norman and help create an effective governing body. Vote for us because together, we can all Move OU Forward!

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