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Editor's pick: Five influential opinion columns from spring 2017

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The Sigma Alpha Epsilon at The University of Oklahoma has been disbanded in light of a video involving racist commentary on Sunday, March 8, 2015. As of 11:05 p.m. on March 8, 2015 the Sigma Alpha Epsilon letters were still mounted on the fraternity's house. .

In December 2016, The Daily looked back on five powerful — and sometimes under-appreciated — columns from fall 2016. As spring 2017 winds down, let's take a look at five articulate, controversial and influential columns from this semester.

Opinion: SAE is not welcome on OUr campus by Mikaela Hall

Sparking debate and conversation on social media, staff columnist Mikaela Hall reflected on the implications of wearing three infamous letters — SAE — on OU's campus.

Opinion: Unlearning Workshops teach valuable messages to entire OU community, regardless of social group by Sydney Patrick

After OU introduced the now-renamed Unlearning Workshops, former sorority president Sydney Patrick wrote about her experience at the first session to clear up misconceptions about the program.

Opinion: Recent Undergraduate Student Congress legislation supports immigrants, but OU community should step up by Thomas Cassidy

Guest columnist and Undergraduate Student Congress member Thomas Cassidy wrote in support of congress' pro-inclusion stance while encouraging the OU community at large to take similar action.

Opinion: Political protests give power to marginalized groups by Cameron Burleson

During a semester when national and local political turmoil came to a head, SGA vice president Cameron Burleson expressed the meaningful and survival-oriented nature of protests and political dissent.

Opinion: Goddard leaves much to be desired for trans students by Neha Raghavan

Shedding light on a subject that many students and administrators tend to overlook, guest columnist Neha Raghavan tackled a deeply personal topic: healthcare for trans students at OU.

During the past academic year and especially during the spring 2017 semester, the number of guest columns received by The Daily's opinion desk skyrocketed. While controversial and crucial policies shape our nation, state and university, the opinion desk remains committed to elevating marginalized voices and creating a respectful, nuanced forum for discussion. As always, The Daily welcomes letters to the editor and guest columns from the OU community. To submit a letter or column, email

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