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Women's Resource Center in Norman now has shelter for pets of victims of domestic violence

Daisy's Place

Daisy's Place, a new shelter located at the Women's Resource Center in Norman, can accommodate pets of domestic violence victims.

The Women’s Resource Center in Norman will now be able to accommodate the pets of women who have been victims of domestic violence. 

The new shelter, called Daisy’s Place, will be located in the WRC and has two separate kennels that can hold up to five pets. 

The WRC annually serves 200 victims but in the past year had to turn away 43 victims because they could not take them in along with their pets, said Courtney Foster, the assistant director of the WRC. 

Foster said these turnaways were because they didn’t have the resources for these pet owners.

“We just didn’t have any place to put the animals and we just didn’t have the funding,” Foster said.

Because of the lack of funding the WRC teamed up with the Wilshire Charitable Foundation, which donated Daisy’s Place, Foster said. 

“Not only does this save furry lives, but it also saves human lives because people come into shelter if there is a place for their pet as well,” Foster said.

Foster said the WRC is hoping to can expand the total number of pets it can accommodate in the future.

Caleb McCourry is an intern news reporter at The Daily and is a junior at OU majoring in English. Caleb has previously served as the sports desk's editor and assistant editor, covering football, basketball and volleyball. Caleb is a Norman native.

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