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Undergraduate Student Congress moves to partner with Oklahoma Votes, congratulate women's gymnastics

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Undergraduate Counciil 09/13

The OU Undergraduate Student Congress swore in new members during its meeting Sept. 13.

The OU Undergraduate Student Congress unanimously passed three pieces of legislation and swore in new members in its meeting Tuesday evening.

Congress Chair Lacey Lewis led a swearing-in ceremony after congress passed the Fall Appointment Act of 2022, overseeing 27 associates and two representatives taking office in the 108th Congressional Session.

Representative Shrey Kathuria spoke on his resolution, congratulating the OU women’s gymnastics team on winning the 2022 national championship on behalf of the Student Government Association. This resolution is a follow-up to his resolution congratulating the OU women’s softball team during a previous meeting.

Kathuria said congress, as an SGA body, should celebrate the accomplishments of its constituents or it would be a “disservice” to themselves and the students they represent. 

“You could consider OU to be a gymnastic school and the women’s gymnastics team is a great example of that,” Kathuria said. “I am confident we will continue celebrating the greatness of OU athletics not just in football, but in every sport on campus.”

The resolution moves to the Graduate Student Senate for further deliberation.

Representative Jordan Brown also spoke on his bill, recognizing Sept. 20, 2022, as National Voter Registration Day in an effort to help increase civic engagement. 

The Congress’ External Affairs Committee will partner with Oklahoma Votes by setting up tables in the Walker-Adams Mall, the Oklahoma Memorial Union Courtyard and the South Oval to help increase voter registration on campus for students from any state.

This resolution goes into effect immediately upon passage and doesn’t need to pass through GSS for further approval.

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