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Undergraduate Student Congress appoints cabinet member, new representatives amid some student concern

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New members and associates are sworn into the Undergraduate Student Congress Jan. 29.

Jan. 29’s Undergraduate Student Congress meeting featured the appointments of several new student government members, amid questions regarding the background of one appointee.

Mercedes Fugate, an electrical engineering senior, addressed the Congress during student concerns about issues regarding engineering district appointee Shihui Liu, saying she had falsified her GPA to meet the engineering club’s presidential requirement and that she had violated parts of the engineering club’s constitution.

Liu, an electrical engineering and Chinese language and literature senior, is the former president of the engineering club, she ran for Congress after being fired from the position by officers of the club.

Liu said there was no problem with her GPA at the time of her presidency and that the alleged violations of their constitution were “human error.” She said that when a motion was called in the engineering club to remove her as president, the ⅔ majority vote was not met and she was removed anyways.

“I feel that this issue is not going to affect my ability to represent my district well,” Liu said, ”mainly because I feel like I’m not going to take things personally, because I’m here for the College of Engineering and not for me personally.”

After these arguments and a brief recess, Liu was confirmed by roll call vote of 20-5-8.

“I’m looking forward to making some changes about diversity on campus,” Liu said, “and also just giving our college a voice.”

Additionally, Julie Chen was sworn into President Adran Gibbs’ cabinet as Director of the Department of Interior. Chen’s appointment was tabled from last week when she was unable to attend the meeting to be sworn in. Several associates new to Congress were sworn in as well.


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