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Ticket resale prices rise for OU vs. Ohio State game

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Purchasing a ticket

Speech pathology sophomore Hannah Virnau hands money to advertising sophomore Makayla Mainord Sept. 12 in exchange for an Ohio State game ticket outside of Dale Hall. Tickets listed on Facebook range from $130 to $250.

Students are selling their tickets to Saturday's football game against Ohio State at prices higher than for most games.

Many students are selling their tickets on Facebook. Ticket resale prices listed on Facebook range from $130 to $250. However, more recent posts say "message if interested" instead of listing a price.

For context, tickets for OU's game against the University of Louisiana at Monroe were going for $30 to $50 on Facebook.

"I really do love football, but with student tickets going for $200, that could pay for my whole season's worth of student tickets," Maddy Thompson, a political science senior, said. 

She said the atmosphere in Norman is going to be good enough to make up for the one half of the game that she would have attended.

Thompson said she believes OU's win against ULM helped bring ticket prices back up after the loss to Houston.

Makayla Mainord, an advertising sophomore, sold her ticket for $150. If OU had won its game agains Houston, she believes she could have sold her ticket at a higher price, but would have felt bad about it. 

"I don't think they're really worth that much," Mainord said. "People just raised the prices."

Other students have made posts looking for tickets. 

"I thought (the prices on Facebook) were crazy, but they were lower than some of the other ones, like on StubHub," said Hannah Virnau, a speech pathology sophomore.

She already has student season tickets herself but was looking for an extra ticket for her dad.

New posts from students selling their tickets on Facebook are appearing every day. Students who still want to go to the game seem willing to pay the steep price.

Each OU class has a dedicated Facebook ticket marketplace, which can be found here: 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

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