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Petition to recall Norman Mayor Breea Clark falls short of signature goal, Ward 3 councilmember to face recall election

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Breea Clark (copy)

Norman Mayor Breea Clark thanks the event organizers for holding the George Floyd candlelight memorial on June 11.

After over two months of gathering signatures, the Norman city clerk announced only one of the five recall petitions supported by the Unite Norman group contained sufficient signatures to force a recall election.

While Mayor Breea Clark's 20,661 signatures are still being verified, over 3,600 have already been found invalid. This made it impossible to meet the required 18,154 signatures for Clark's recall election, according to a press release from City of Norman spokesperson Annahlyse Meyer.

Signatures were found to be invalid due to not being a registered Norman voter, unverifiable names, duplicate entries or a name not matching the registered address, according to the release. 

Ward 3 Councilmember Alison Petrone received 3,444 signatures, of which 2,580 were verified as eligible voters. According to the release, 2,573 signatures were required for the recall petition to be valid.

After the 10-day challenge period following the signature verification, the city council will vote on a date for Petrone's Ward 3 recall election.

"While the lengthy verification process for the mayoral petition is not yet complete, we have made enough progress to determine that there are insufficient signatures to meet the requirement to proceed with an election,” said City Clerk Brenda Hall in the release. “Our staff will continue to work overtime to complete the final verification process for this petition.”

According to the release, the Norman Transcript and the City of Norman website will post a legal notice once final verification is complete. 

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