Pinnacle Awards

The College Media Association honors the best college media organizations and individual work with the Pinnacle Awards

OU Student Media earned three Pinnacle Awards finalist honors bestowed on the nation’s best college media organizations in results announced Wednesday by the College Media Association

OU Daily was named one of the best four-year college media outlets. Other finalists are Chimes (Calvin University), Indiana Daily Student (Indiana University), The Crimson White (University of Alabama) and The Daily Collegian (Penn State University.)

The Daily’s news magazine, Crimson Quarterly, was named one of the best four-year feature magazines. Other finalists are Ball Bearings Magazine (Ball State University), Drake Political Review (Drake University), Nineteen Fifty-Six (University of Alabama) and UNF Spinnaker (University of North Florida). was named one of the best four-year news websites. Other finalists are the College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University), KentWired/KentStater (Kent State University), The Daily Gamecock (University of South Carolina) and The Daily Texan (University of Texas). 

Entries judged were produced between June 2021-June 2022, spanning the tenures of summer 2021 editor-in-chief Jillian Taylor and fall 2021-spring 2022 editor-in-chief Blake Douglas

OU Student Media endeavors have now earned 11 organizational Pinnacle honors since 2017. has been named among the college media’s best news websites three times in the past six years, winning the top honor in 2019. 

OU Daily has been named among college media’s best news outlets five times in the past six years, winning the top honor in 2017 and 2019. The distinction recognizes organizations that serve audiences through multiple channels, across writing, photo, video, design, apps, social media and more with, according to the judging criteria, “a day-in-day-out quality and quantity of coverage that students, faculty, staff and administrators want — and frankly, need.” 

Winners will be named Oct. 27 at the fall national college media convention in Washington, D.C. 

OU Student Media newsroom adviser

Seth Prince advises the newsroom operations of OU Student Media, including The OU Daily and Crimson Quarterly magazine. He is also an adjunct instructor for Gaylord College.

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