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OU Young Democratic Socialists lead anti-Trump protest during swearing-in ceremony

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Young Democratic Socialists

Young Democratic Socialists protest Trump's inauguration Jan. 20 in front of Dale Hall.

OU’s Young Democratic Socialists held an anti-Trump protest outside of Dale Hall this morning as President Trump's swearing-in ceremony began. 

Six protesters with posters began the demonstration, and they welcomed onlookers to join them and to sign up for the Young Democratic Socialists, as well. At its height, there were 17 protesters.  

Will Goree, philosophy and mathematics senior and one of the protest's main organizers, called for open dialogue and stressed the importance of protests and showing solidarity.

Aubrey Crynes, international and area studies sophomore, said the Young Democratic Socialists was formed two weeks before the previous fall semester ended, so the members are still working on its organization and leadership.

“At this point, Trump’s been elected and we can’t do anything about that, but we wanted to show this campus that there are ways to fight back,” Crynes said. “There are ways to stand in solidarity. And for the people who stand to lose the most under this administration, we wanted to show them that there are people here who are fighting for them, who will fight with them, and will do everything in our power to protect their rights.”

Crynes said the Young Democratic Socialists will have its first official meeting Jan. 26. 

For more information about the organization, visit its website.

Hannah Pike is a professional writing and economics senior. She is a freelance reporter, who was previously a senior news reporter covering the administration. Last summer, she interned on the business desk for The Oklahoman.

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