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OU Undergraduate Student Congress swears in new members, appoints congressional committee chairs

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SGA 11/16

New representatives and associates being sworn in during the OU Undergraduate Student Congress Nov. 16 meeting.

The OU Undergraduate Student Congress swore in new members and appointed committee chairs in its Tuesday evening meeting.

New associates and representatives participated in a swearing-in ceremony led by Congress Chair Crispin South to take office in the general body following SGA elections earlier in November.

South spoke on behalf of CB-107-01, seeking to appoint the congressional committee chairs of the 107th session, including incumbent and incoming chairs Abby Halsey-Kraus and Lacey Lewis. He said Halsey-Kraus and Lewis are extremely qualified and that their applications made him confident in their abilities as chairs.

After being seen by a Committee of the Whole — when the congressional body forms one committee to see bills for the first time — the bill was given a designation of “No Recommendation.” This means the committee isn’t particularly adamant for this bill to pass and allows representatives to make their own assumptions of the bill’s contents.

With a set recommendation, the bill was voted on later in the meeting, passing with a vote of 24-0-1. Halsey-Kraus said she is excited to serve as Congressional Administration chair after serving as vice chair under outgoing Chair Foster Hillis. She also said she is looking forward to seeing how congressional administration is interpreted moving into session 107.

“For a very long time, ConAd has had the interpretation of being very strict and harsh,” Halsey-Kraus said. “While that is true, to a certain extent, I do want to give off more of the interpretation that we are doing it for the betterment of the body, as well as I do want to see through all the improvements and altering of our governing documents.”

Chair Lauren Patton presented AB-107-01, the last auxiliary bill of the fall semester, which allocates money to Hacklahoma, the Engineers’ Club, Women of Power, the Red Clay Faction, the OU Rowing Club, the Super League, the OU Men's Rugby Club and the Big Event. It passed unanimously and moved to the Graduate Student Senate for further consideration.

Halsey-Kraus said the SGA Superior Court will hear oral arguments regarding the past SGA presidential and vice-presidential race at 6:30 pm Thursday at the Bell Courtroom in the OU College of Law. The dress is business casual and all are welcome to attend.

Kaly Phan is a journalism sophomore and news reporter at The Daily.

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