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OU Tri Delta sorority is not under investigation, issues statement about SAE's racist video

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SAE chant video

Update — 11:37 p.m. OU's Delta Delta Delta chapter is not under investigation, and none of its members have been identified in the videos released, according to a statement issued by OU Delta Delta Delta on Monday night. Read the full statement below:

The women of the Theta Gamma chapter of Delta Delta Delta fully support the actions taken by the administration of the University of Oklahoma in response to the incident involving Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The statement made by the national office of Delta Delta Delta was made in support of the university’s actions. However, the Theta Gamma chapter is not under investigation by the university, nor have any chapter members been identified within the videos released. The women of Theta Gamma firmly believe in equal opportunity for all. We believe that the university is a place where tolerance and mutual respect should carry the day and where bigotry and intolerance should be left as historical reminders of how far we have come.

Please direct all further questions to the Vice President of Student Affairs. We look forward to growing stronger as a university community. Live on, University.

The national Tri Delta sorority has issued a statement about the incident surrounding the video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members chanting racial slurs.

In the video, Sigma Alpha Epsilon members are pictured singing with women on a bus as they take a charter bus to the Founder's Day date party celebration.

Read the full text of Tri Delta's national statement here:

We are deeply disappointed by the conduct of the students involved in the incident at The University of Oklahoma. Tri Delta expects its members to uphold the highest responsibilities of college women. The behavior documented in the video is deplorable and is in no way consistent with Tri Delta's ideals and core values. We are cooperating fully with our partners at the university as they investigate this matter.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact

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