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OU SGA Elections: Lissau-Akuffo ticket takes SGA presidential race, per unofficial results

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Marketing, pre-law junior Denzel Akuffo (left) and public relations, pre-law junior Zack Lissau (right) are one ticket for the presidential election. 

The race for OU Student Government Association president and vice president concluded in a victory for candidates Zack Lissau and Denzel Akuffo, according to unofficial results released Wednesday evening. 

As of 9:44 p.m., public relations, pre-law junior Lissau and marketing, pre-law junior Akuffo obtained 66.42 percent of the vote, or 2,223 individuals, defeating classical studies junior Angelora Castellano and economics and political science sophomore Samantha Hepburn, who received 32.57 percent of the vote, or 1,074 individuals.  

Lissau and Akuffo’s campaign was founded on increasing student-university administration communications and addressing campus safety through the assessment of OU’s blue light system

After results were announced, Lissau thanked the student body in an interview with The Daily for believing in the ticket’s “tangible platform.” He thanked everyone who voted in the election and said, no matter who they chose, he and Akuffo will seek to be an administration that serves.

“We’re leaders that not only care about the university, but we also care about the students here, and that’s our primary goal,” Lissau said. “That will be my first initiative as president if I am to be certified, is to serve the students with all my heart, because this university has given so much to me, and I'm so excited to give back.” 

Akuffo said his and Lissau’s experiences at OU have been “nothing short of unique.” He said, as SGA’s president and vice president, both will work to communicate with the student body to make sure their experiences are similarly unique. 

In response to their losing ticket, Castellano acknowledged the unofficial results of the election and committed to seeing through the remainder of the certification process.

“We’re going to wait to see what happens,” Castellano said. “Regardless, we did a really good job. … We did the work and, at the end of the day, I think we completed something a lot of people said, ‘You know what, we wouldn’t have done that, so kudos to you.’”

Lissau and Akuffo will replace SGA president Tavana Farzaneh and vice president Alex Gray one week after the validation of the election report. 

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Alexia Aston is a journalism sophomore and senior news reporter at The Daily. She started at The Daily in the fall of 2020 as a news reporter, and is originally from Clinton, Oklahoma.

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