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OU Faculty Senate hears proposals to enforce VeoRide parking regulations, redraft pre-finals week policy

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Bizzell Memorial Library

Sooners chat outside the Bizzell Library during the first day of OU’s 2022 fall semester on Aug. 22.

The OU Faculty Senate heard a proposal that would require VeoRide to add geofencing to its parking policy.

Proposed by Sen. Anthony Natale, chair of the Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee, the resolution cites “improperly parked scooters and bikes" on campus, and asks the senate to require VeoRide to add geofencing, or a virtual perimeter, to its policy, so that the electric scooters can be parked in designated areas.

“Scooters are in places and spaces that they are not supposed to be, in fact, creating lots of accessibility challenge,” Natale said.

Natale said other universities, like Texas A&M University and the University of Maryland, are also adopting these policies.

Sen. Ana Bolino, an associate professor of management, asked where the designated parking areas would be. She added some students may use the scooters to get to their dorms or places outside of campus.  

The senate also discussed another proposal to redraft the pre-finals week policy to make it clearer for students and professors.

The policy states that no assignments should be due the last two days of pre-finals week. 

Mark Morvant, OU vice provost for Instruction and Student Success, recommended that the policy should be redrafted to Thursday and Friday being the last two days, instead of Saturday and Sunday. Morvant said this was OU Student Affairs’ original intent, but the wording of the policy made it confusing for people.

Both decisions will be voted on by the Faculty Senate during its next meeting on Oct. 10.

The senate also welcomed 17 new and five reelected senators for the 2022-23 academic year. 

Additionally, Tana Fitzpatrick, OU’s associate vice president for tribal relations, introduced herself and her position at OU, saying she is responsible to advise the university president on tribal partnerships and tribal relationships.

“I see myself as a facilitator. I see myself as someone who engages directly with tribes, and assists them with whatever they might need, and working with the university”, Fitzpatrick said. “If there is anything that faculty might want to know more about, anything from the basics … to a help with connecting on tribal issues … I'm here and happy to help”.

The OU Athletics Department is also offering sports passes to faculty and staff for $100. The pass provides entrance for two adults to all OU volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, women’s basketball, wrestling, baseball, select men’s basketball nonconference and select softball games.

Ana Barboza is a journalism sophomore and a news reporter at the Daily.

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