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OU Daily to move to once-weekly print publication

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In 2015, The Daily stopped printing a paper five days a week and dropped to two print publications a week. Today, we’re announcing another publishing change, this time to a once-weekly print edition.

Starting March 25, The Daily will be in print on Mondays only. We’ll still have special editions when necessary — specifically during home football games — and will continue to invest in and grow our features print publications, like Crimson Quarterly. This change is not one we make lightly, but it is one we look forward to.

While we recognize the value of a print publication and its presence on campus, we understand that in a changing journalism landscape, putting out that print edition multiple times a week is not always the best investment of our money or time. We also understand that most of our readers are coming to us digitally through Facebook, Twitter and our website. This shift will free us up to focus more of our efforts on that digital presence we’re known for.

As we work internally to reconfigure how some of The Daily’s desks operate and how some of our features publications come together, this change will also allow us to reconfigure how we invest our time and resources into both our news publication and our features publications. We hope that by starting this publication pattern this semester and establishing some new systems, we’re setting up our fall semester and future teams for greater success.

This decision should not be taken as any sign of dire financial or industry circumstances. We’re making it because we want to be smarter about where we’re putting our resources and in which audiences we’re investing. We’re making it because we want to be better at serving you.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our decision, we’d love to hear from you through the Google form below.

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