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ONE Norman task force discusses areas of improvement in government, infrastructure, leadership

Breakout Room

Breakout room three during the ONE Norman Stakeholders Summit on April 26.

ONE Norman held its fifth task force meeting Wednesday evening to discuss potential improvements in Norman’s government, infrastructure and private sector leadership. 

Members of the task force were divided into five breakout rooms to voice their biggest concerns regarding each section. 

Repeated topics of discussion for improving government were better communication between the city and OU, increasing civic engagement and addressing homelessness.

In regard to infrastructure, members said Norman needs to improve public transit, create a permanent homeless shelter and invest in public safety resources.

Food and Shelter currently operates “A Friend’s House,” a city-funded overnight emergency shelter located at 109 W. Gray St. Though the location is not permanent, city council approved to extend the shelter contract in March. 

The main concerns with private sector leadership were building better relations between businesses to improve the community and making Norman a place that actively attracts new employers who provide quality-paying jobs. 

Once finished, each group voted to create their top five biggest issues regarding each point of discussion. Crystal Romanyszyn, Norman Economic Development Coalition senior vice president and ONE Norman coordinator, will compile the data for each group's top five issues and present the results in future meetings. 

The task force will meet on May 31 to prioritize its vision statements and on July 12 they will present an official vision plan for how to improve the quality of life in Norman.

The plan will be the accumulation of all previous task force meetings and will be available for the city and stakeholders to adopt.

This story was edited by Teegan Smith. Mary Ann Livingood copy edited this story. 

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Ismael Lele is a journalism sophomore and news reporter at the Daily. He started in the fall of 2022 and has previously served as a sports reporter. He is originally from Norman, Oklahoma.

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