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Oklahoma elections 2022: Democrat Jacob Rosecrants wins 3rd term as Oklahoma House District 46 representative

Jacob Rosecrants

Oklahoma State Representative Jacob Rosecrants speaks at the Pike Off OTA rally inside the Oklahoma Capitol rotunda on March 23.

Democrat incumbent Jacob Rosecrants secured a third term as Oklahoma House District 46’s representative on Tuesday, defeating Republican Kendra Wesson, according to unofficial results from the Oklahoma State Election Board. 

Rosecrants received 54.51 percent of votes cast, with Wesson obtaining 45.49 percent, according to unofficial results from the Oklahoma State Election Board. 

Rosecrants said he is honored to represent District 46 for a third term and that he is ready to continue the fight for public schools and teachers and will "carry the flag for those folks who are tired of the divisiveness of party politics."

Rosecrants said he wants to represent all Oklahomans, and encourages his constituents to reach out to him at any time.  

"I’m a representative who is beholden to the people, not a politician, and I’ll never forget that. Thank you HD 46!” Rosecrants said.

Rosecrants has lived in Norman for over 30 years, and before serving as a representative, taught seventh grade geography at Roosevelt Middle School in Oklahoma City, according to the Oklahoma State Legislature’s website. During his term, Rosecrants said he wants to continue to push for education reform and increase funding for mental health services.

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