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Native American student lounge opens in Copeland Hall, gives students place to gather

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Copeland Hall

Copeland Hall on Sept. 23, 2019.

OU opened a Native American student lounge in Copeland Hall earlier this month to provide a space for students to gather.

Computer science junior Adarius Begay said this addition shows the university is moving toward providing more resources to the Native American community, which is an important community in Oklahoma.

“We're, I think, one of the most least-represented groups here on campus, and we do have a rich history with the state of Oklahoma,” Begay said.

The facility includes a common area with a TV, gaming console and two study rooms. Copeland Hall was chosen to house the lounge because it also houses the department of Native American studies and the Native Nations Center.

“This is kind of a focal point for our Native community,” Tribal Liaison Officer Warren Queton said. “So, it made sense to put it in Copeland.”

The Native American community, prior to the installation of this space, felt as though they did not have a space of their own, Queton said.

“And it’s open to everybody,” Queton said. “But we call it the Native American student lounge so we can kind of create this space for it to be just us.”

Next semester, the community is hoping to utilize the space in more ways.

“Now that we have this space, we’re able to host some some events in here,” Begay said. “And with that, we’re able to reach out to other students on campus.”

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