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Full list of faculty, staff participating in OU Special Incentivized Retirement Program

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Provost’s office denies access to open records

OU released the list of faculty and staff who have opted into the Special Incentivized Retirement Program.

Of the 126 who have accepted the incentive, six are department chairs. The most notable name on the list is Honor's College Dean David Ray.

Those opting into the program have until their retirement date to back out of the program if they choose. 


Alcock, Bruce G.

Anderson, James H.


Baldwin, Rhonda S.

Bannet, Eve T.

Barman, Samir

Barwick, Katherine L.

Bass, David B.

Benson, Hugh H.

Bird, Steven K.

Blass, Nancy J.

Boone, Beverly S.

Bosscawen, Shirley A.

Brandes, Joyce A.

Brown, Travis E.

Burgess, Suzanne

Busenitz, Lowell W.


Carter, Audre L.

Carter, Donald C.

Chapman, Judy S.

Chapman, Merle K.

Chase, Arthur M.

Clark, Dennis C.

Clark, William M.

Claxton, Kimberly C.

Comer, Julie

Conlon, Paula J.

Cottom, Daniel A.


Davis, Elton G.

Desmarais, Jeannine M.

Dickson, P. Barbara

Doescher, Starla G.

Durica, David S.


Elmore, Karen L.

Evans, Gearldine M.


Feldt, Andrew N.

Fincke, Ola M.

Fisher, Sandra G.

France, Mary L.

Frey, Melissa L.

Fry, John D.

Fryar, Jenifer


Gardner, James E.

Geimausaddle, Davetta

Gije, Paul A.

Gillies, Leslie A.

Griffith, Priscilla L.


Haddock, Deborah S.

Helmers, Donald E.

Hill, Janice K.

Hovis, Roberta A.

Hunt, Roxanne


Jefferson, Brenda J.

Jensen, Lester D.

Johnson, Diana M.

Johnson, Patricia A.


Kalhor, Doris A.

Ketner, Lori A.

King, Allen L.

King, Ellen L.

Knapp, Michael C.

Kowaleski, Barbara K.

Krukowski, Stanley T.

Kutner, Peter B.


Lee, Kyung Bai

Lee, Marian S.

Levy, Lynne H.

Little Charley, Linda M.

Little, Mary C.

Livesey, Steven J.

Lodes, Teri A.

Lohaus, Barbara M.

Lothian, James T.


Magrath, Dorothy J.

Mares, Michael A.

Martin, James E.

May, Sharon G.

McCraw, Meredith J.

McIntosh, Pamela Jo

McLerran, Tina M.

Million, M.B.

Montgomery, Barbara L.

Morgan, George B.

Morrison, Susan K.


Paine, Alma K.

Penick, Larie G.

Perkinds, Kathleen

Peters, Ronald M.

Phillips, Judith Lewis

Porter, Jannie C.

Portwood, Lisa A.

Pulat, Pakize


Ray, David H.

Robinson, Quinton L.

Rosenthal, Lucinda S.

Rothermel, Patti M.


Schmidt, Kathleen J.

See, Sandra E.

Shelley, Fred M.

Skubic, Patrick L.

Slatt, Roger M.

Smith, Robert E.

Smith, Waltena S.

Snead, Sherry M.

Snell, Daniel C.

Snell, Gregory A.

Steele, Larry J.

Strong, Walter B.

Suflita, Joseph M.


Taylor, E.L.

Tiffany, Diana D.

Trumbly, Wanda L.


Urgena, Aleli V.


Vestle, Ellen F.


Wallach, Bret

Ward, Kim R.

Watson, Mary J.

White, Gwyn B.

Whitehead, Richard A.

Whitney, Pamela J.

Whyatt, Susan B.

Williams, Roy

Williams, Susan R.

Winslow, Sharon D.

Wong, Katherine C.

Wright, Melanie L.


Zindel, Almalee

Updates: This post was updated on June 20 at 12:26 p.m. to correct the list. An earlier version had the 'W' section alphabetized by first name, rather than last name.

This post was updated on July 20 at 12:09 p.m. to reflect that the original post was correct regarding Ray's acceptance of the retirement program. The update at 10:05 p.m. is incorrect, according to Ray.

This post was updated at 10:05 a.m. on June 20 to clarify that those who have opted into the program are not necessarily retiring at this time, and they have the choice to back out of it until their retirement date. Dean David Ray who opted-in to the program is not retiring, per Associate Professor of American Studies Julia Ehrhardt. 

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