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Creative Television Incubator to have open casting

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Gaylord College will hold a "preview of Unheard's next steps Thursday Feb. 5 at 7:30pm."

For the first time, Gaylord’s Creative Television Incubator will hold an open casting for any and all OU students from 3 to 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30.

The Gaylord Creative Television Incubator is a resource that allows students to create video content ranging from comedy to drama for their peers, said Kyle Bergersen, director of the program.

Undergraduates wishing to audition will meet at Gaylord College in room 1160 and must come prepared to deliver a short dialogue — whether it be a monologue of their choosing or one selected by a director. If chosen for one of 12 spots available, students will be the performing talent in one of the Incubator’s video productions, Bergersen said.

By opening up casting to all university students, the program will attract the more eclectic crowd it has been looking for, Bergersen said.

“We are really trying to remain open-minded and provide this opportunity to a wider range of students,” Bergersen said. “This will be especially important for those looking to more performance-based careers. This opportunity to add something vital to their portfolio is something we are trying to make available to anyone who is driven enough to earn it.”

The video shoots will take place two to three days a week and will be held mostly on the weekends. Bergersen expects to finish filming by spring break.

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