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Breea Clark sworn in as Norman mayor

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Mayor Clark (copy)

Norman Mayor Breea Clark is sworn into office July 2.

Breea Clark, former Ward 6 councilmember, was sworn in as mayor of the City of Norman at City Hall on Tuesday night.

After being sworn in, Clark raised her hands high in the air, celebrating her accomplishment of becoming mayor. Clark then shook hands with those in attendance. 

“My strengths lie with bringing people together and being completely open-minded,” said Clark. “I listen because I know I don’t know everything, I’ve learned so much as a council member over the last three years and I expect that to continue." 

Clark was elected mayor Feb. 12 with 51.43 percent of the vote, defeating opponents Bill Hickman and Evan Dunn.

Clark succeeds former mayor Lynne Miller, who did not seek re-election this year. 

“Luckily Lynne Miller’s leadership has really got us to a point where we can move forward and I don’t think we’d be in that position without her,” Clark said. 

In Miller’s farewell speech, she reflected on her time in office. 

“Being elected as mayor of the city where you grew up, your hometown, is such a privilege, and it’s such an amazing opportunity,” Miller said. “You learn so much about your city that I don’t think there’s any other way to learn it.” 

After Clark was sworn in as mayor, a committee of Ward 6 residents selected Bill Scanlon to complete Clark’s Ward six term. 

In addition to her role in local government, Clark is the director of the JCPenney Leadership Center in OU’s Price College of Business. 

Clark earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Wichita State University in 2005 and her juris doctorate from the OU College of Law in 2008. 

She was also an instrumental factor in the creation of Academic Integrity Programs at OU according to the Price College of Business website. 

“Norman is a town filled with dedicated, passionate, and educated citizens,” Clark said. “One of my strengths is building relationships, which is exactly what Norman needs right now. I think I have a vision of what the future of Norman can be and that kind of visionary leadership is what we need right now.”


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