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'She wanted to leave her mark': OU Creative Media Production student creates mural for Gaylord College

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An OU student created a mural in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication with the intent of depicting “the abundance of opportunities” its  students may access. 

Ever since she arrived at OU, OU Creative Media Production sophomore Lisa Maslovskaya said knew she wanted to leave her mark. She said she filled her time during the pandemic by painting murals on the walls of her home but decided earlier this year she was ready to take her art out of the house. 

“I always wanted to do something at OU that was bigger,” Maslovskaya said. “It was just like a little tiny idea in me, because I knew it was kind of impossible to convince somebody to let me do that.” 

Maslovskaya said she hopes to give guests a glimpse into the student experience at Gaylord College. 

Lee Reynolds, Gaylord College’s community and student relations director, said she helped Maslovskaya work with the college’s leadership to create a design and approve her idea. 

“I talked with Dean (Ed) Kelley, and I talked with the student services folks, and we thought that wall right where the mural is, is a really visible wall for students,” Reynolds said. “We thought having an inspirational mural on there would be a really cool thing.” 

The project, of nearly 50 hours, was completed in two weeks. 


Full process of the mural's creation.

After reworking her design multiple times, Maslovskaya said her final product  integrated the variety of majors and extracurricular opportunities in Gaylord college. She chose a ‘60s inspired style paying tribute to legacy media while also including  the modern, digital media equipment used today. 

“It shows how chaotic our atmosphere is here, but how beautiful it is at the end and how we build ourselves up,” Maslovskaya said. 

Maslovskaya’s mural will be permanently displayed in Gaylord College, but she also exhibits her paintings at festivals. She had her own stand at the Norman Art Walk earlier this month and she frequented other local art festivals. 

 She also said she has some other larger projects in store. 

“I have a few big plans, but I don't think I want to talk about them yet,” Maslovskaya said. "The fun part about projects like this is that you work on it really hard and when nobody knows about it, it's really fun to see.” 

Maslovskaya’s portfolio is available here and interested individuals can contact her via Instagram for commissions.

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