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'Our voice is not the only one': Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art to host 'Coffee with the Collection' conversation events

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coffee with the collection

A banner for the Coffee with the Collection series hosted by the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art from the registration page.

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is hosting their Coffee with the Collection event, featuring a morning of local brews and conversation.

Unlike many events that were transferred online when the pandemic began, Coffee with the Collection has always been virtual, said Amanda Boehm-Garcia, engagement director of the museum.

The gathering happens every other month and is open to the public and free of charge. It was started by Fred Jones Jr. Museum as a way to connect people with art “during a time in which our doors were closed,” Boehm-Garcia said. 

When the museum began this event, they reached out to a new and local roastery, Black Camel Coffee. The company was happy to become a partner and  deliver coffee to all participants prior to the event. This Friday, Coffee with the Collection will be celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Those who are a part of the event will join a Zoom meeting and get to hear about a piece of artwork from the perspective of that month’s chosen individual. Boehm-Garcia said the former director of OU’s School of Visual Arts, Andrew Phelan, will be talking about Emilio Amero's "The Game" on Friday.

While this week’s speaker is part of the arts field, this is not always the case. Many times, the individual coming to talk about a piece of artwork is from another profession entirely, Boehm-Garcia said. “Our voice is not the only one” Bohem-Garcia added, so they try to bring in “perspectives that are not the museum narrative.” 

As for the coffee, the roastery plans their brew for the event carefully, buying beans from a location that has a correlation with the artist and building in flavors to complement the piece, Boehm-Garcia said. 

Amero, the featured artist for Friday’s discussion, is a Mexican artist who is part of the Modern Art Movement. To compliment Amero, the beans for this week’s roast were grown in Veracruz and roasted to create this month’s featured roast, “So Real.”

For those who may be new to the medium, Boehm-Garcia always makes sure to explain Zoom before the start of the program.

“It’s just a fun time. We try to laugh; we’re not very serious!” Boehm-Garcia said.

Coffee with the Collection will be held at 9:30 a.m on Friday, September 24th over Zoom. You can find the registration here.

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