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OU Write Club to host virtual open mic; seeks to build community for 'odd ducks and misfits'

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ou write club banner

An OU Write Club banner via the group's Facebook page.

The OU Write Club is hosting a virtual open mic event at 8:30 p.m. this Wednesday. 

The event invites students to come and share their original works, ranging from poetry to short stories. They also invite students who do not want to share to join in and listen.

Eric Bosse, expository writing professor and leader of the Write Club, said that the purpose of the club is to hear the voices of the community.

“Over the years, Write Club has tended to focus on featuring writers from marginalized backgrounds, and we remain committed to that value,” Bosse said. “At the same time, we never know who will show up on any given night. It's always an adventure, and we find community in the sharing of poems, stories, and ideas. It's a very friendly, supportive scene.”

While in the past, the event has taken place in person, due to the pandemic, the event is taking place on Zoom for the time being.

Write Club asks that the event is only original works, and out of respect for those who have to wait to perform, to stay for the entire event. The event will also limit readings to six minutes or two pieces — whichever comes first.

Bosse said that the Write Club is a place where anyone can find a home.

“Write Club is a good place for us odd ducks and misfits to connect with others. “Writing is primarily a solitary, introverted pursuit, so it's good to remind ourselves that we are not alone.” 

Participants who would like to attend the event can register here.

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