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OU University Theatre presents one-act comic operas ‘Coffee Cantata’, ‘La Serva Padrona’

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A banner for the University Theatre's performances of "Coffee Cantata" and "La Serva Padrona" from its website.

As a part of the OU University Theatre’s 2021-22 season, the OU Opera Theatre is presenting two one-act comedy operas this weekend. 

The operas — both short-form, one-act performances — will be performed back-to-back, starting with “Coffee Cantata,” followed by “La Serva Padrona.” The first performance will be sung in English, while the second will be sung in Italian. Both performances will feature subtitles alongside the show.

According to the University Theatre website, the production is suitable for all audiences and on-demand video will be available for the show.

Harold Mortimer, stage director of the two operas, said that this is a great chance to come watch an opera to see if you like it without having to commit to the usual lengths.

“Anyone who is wondering, ‘do I like opera or not?’ gets to check out these one-acts, one of them being about 24 minutes long, the other being about 43 minutes,” Mortimer said. “These are short and sweet.”

The performers will be wearing masks during both performances and masks are encouraged from anyone attending the event. 

“Coffee Cantata” and “La Serva Padrona” will be performed at 8 p.m. on Nov. 11, 12 and 13, and at 3 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the Weitzenhoffer Theatre. Those who wish to attend can purchase tickets on the University Theatre website.

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