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OU School of Music, School of Dance to feature faculty in livestreamed recital collaboration

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The OU School of Music and School of Dance have teamed up for a collaborative recital this Sunday afternoon featuring faculty members from both schools.

The event will be streamed online and will feature Lorraine Ernest and Jonathan Nichol from the School of Music, and Roxanne Lyst, Leslie Kraus, Boyko Dossev, and Michael Bearden from the School of Dance. The accompanist for the event will be Anna Ho.

Lorraine Ernest, one of the performers and the creator of the event, said she hopes that this can become one of many events like this.

“It is my way of saying hello, making new friends and hopefully doing many more such collaborations,” said Ernest in an email to the Daily.

The event will feature two sets of pieces, the first being “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” by Lori Laitman and “Delle Cose Belle” by Pat Rasile. The first will feature the School of Music and the latter will feature both schools performing together.

“Lori Laitman’s piece uses the beautiful and often haunting sound of the saxophone, which will be played by our elite and outstanding Professor of Saxophone, Dr. Jonathan Nicol,” Ernest said. “Pat Rasile's songs contain the beauty and drama of a love story from the contemplation of all beautiful things and the Neoplatonic philosophy that the ability to love another human being can be a bridge to (the) love of God.”

Ernest said the recital is a chance for the faculty to perform with other world-class artists.

“COVID has many of us so isolated within our bubble of expertise, this has been a great opportunity for us to meet new friends doing what we love; playing, singing and dancing,” Ernest said.

Due to the nature of the livestream and COVID-19 protocols, the recital has been shortened in length compared to that of a normal recital, Ernest said.

The event will be streamed and free to view at 3 p.m Sunday, March 21 on the School of Music’s website.

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