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OU International Advisory Committee to host annual prom as 'One Step Closer' gala

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international gala banner

A banner for the International Gala — "One Step Closer" — via the event's OU Engage website.

The International Advisory Committee is hosting a gala at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 12. 

Previously referred to as the International Prom, the gala, entitled “One Step Closer,” will be an evening full of food and music, according to the OU Engage website. Nayla Falume, the public affairs chair of the International Advisory Committee, said students can attend expecting to have a good time. 

“From walking a red carpet with photographers ready to capture all your good sides, to great food being provided, as well as dancing the night away to some awesome music from all around the world, we truly want to make it a highlight of the Fall 2021 semester,” Falume said. 

Last year, the event was cancelled due to COVID-19. The International Advisory Committee’s largest event, Eve of Nations, was also cancelled. Because Eve of Nations brings in most of the committee’s funding, finances have been limited, Falume said. 

“The main way that (COVID-19) has affected this year's events is financially,” Falume said. “A lot of our events have been limited by what we can or cannot afford.”

The gala this year was named “One Step Closer” in reference to the event’s previous cancellation.  

“We wanted a slogan that could represent something that was needed following the COVID year that resulted in the gala not happening at all last year,” Falume said. 

The evening will also feature a DJ and live performances by the Combo 08 band and an OU hip-hop dance group. 

The dress code for the gala is formal, according to the OU Engage website. Falume said students are excited for the inclusion of a red carpet at the event. 

“Formal attire and cultural attire is highly encouraged,” Falume said. “Anything to impress, really.”

The gala will take place at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center. RSVP is not required, but is available here

“(The gala) allows international students to come together to take part in a tradition that is not our own,” Falume said. “More than that it allows local students the chance to take part in an international take of what is part of their own tradition. We want everyone to come together and have a good time.”

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