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OU History Club returns to in-person meetings, still following COVID-19 protocols

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The OU History Club icon via its Twitter page.

The student-led OU History Club made its comeback at the first in-person meeting since the pandemic.

The History Club held its first meeting for the 2021-2022 school year last Thursday, September 9th. Both faculty and students met in Adams Hall, with a Zoom call available for those who could not attend face to face. 

“We want to do what is safe as possible for everyone,” Skylar McDonald, co-vice president, said. “We will continue to do in-person meetings with the option of zoom for all participating students and professors.”

Because this meeting was the first of many, time was spent getting to know all those involved. Leaders pulled questions from a hat, with participation rising from both students and professors. Questions ranged from “What was the most important thing that you learned in graduate school?” to “Which historical figure do you think you could take in a fight?”

The OU History Club is a non-major based organization.

“You don't have to be uncomfortable with feeling as if you don’t know enough about history, we want everyone to feel accepted and be able to engage in discussion and have fun,” Marley Lunsford, History Club president, said. 

The best place to learn more about the History Club and its events is through their Twitter account

During the 2020-2021 school year, the club’s main source of communication was through Twitter. History club spent many virtual hours together, as the pandemic left no room for in-person gatherings, August Stroud, events coordinator, said. 

“COVID was, and is disruptive, but because they're online, that community is strong,” Jennifer Davis, the club sponsor and professor in the history department at OU, said … “What I love is that every year history club is so different depending on the students and the officers … Those connections made in the History Club bleed into the classroom, and that’s great.”  

The club’s Twitter presence is to continue, with more historical fighting brackets, Netflix watch parties, game nights, and more, Stroud said.

The History Club will continue to hold in-person meetings while following COVID-19 protocol. Events will be held Thursdays twice a month in community room spaces as availability permits, and will be announced through the official Twitter account.

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