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OU Engineers’ Club to host annual E-Week featuring special event with OU History Club

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E-Week 2021

The schedule for OU Engineering Club's E-Week 2021 features a variety of events, including a collaboration with the OU History Club. 

OU Engineers’ Club will host its annual E-Week Feb. 22-26 with the theme “An Engineering Renaissance” featuring activities aimed to celebrate engineering — including a collaboration with OU History Club. 

The week, which president of the OU Engineers’ Club Matt Casey said was first celebrated on campus in 1912, will be full of activities such as a Chick-Fil-A lunch and a Stress E-liminator session. The club will also be giving out free goodies, such as mugs and t-shirts throughout the week’s in-person events, according to the event’s flyer. 

Casey said the event is a week-long celebration of engineers.

Events usually consist of fun, stress-relieving, competitive, or recognition events. It has been a way to celebrate being an engineer and offers students a way to meet one another and think about what it means to be an engineer,” Casey said in an email to The Daily.

One special event happening this year is a partnership with the OU History Club for a virtual Netflix party on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. This tag team will be showing “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” More information can be found for this event on Twitter at @ouengineersclub and @ouhistoryclub

Casey said COVID-19 has not halted the festivities in many ways.

“Even though E-Week looks different this year due to COVID-19, the energy and history of E-Week is still with it. The Engineers’ Club wants to offer students and staff a safe way to celebrate being an engineer. This year's theme … offers a medieval twist on this exciting week,” Casey said in an email to The Daily.

Sally Johnson, president of the OU History Club, said the club is looking forward to being a part of the E-Week.

“We’re super excited to be working with a STEM organization — they clearly love engineering just as much as we love history, and to see the two come together and create something for both STEM and humanities students has been really great!” Johnson said in a Twitter message to The Daily.

Interested participants can find a list of events on the @ouengineersclub twitter page.

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