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Oklahoma City Zoo to host ‘All Grown Up’ Halloween celebration with social distancing measures in place

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haunt the zoo

OKC Haunt the Zoo's banner from the event's website.

The Oklahoma City Zoo is hosting a Halloween event — “Haunt the Zoo: All Grown Up” — aimed at “giving adults the chance to embrace the seasonal festival,” according to the Zoo’s website. 

The zoo is putting on the city’s largest Halloween event, filled with spirits, food, and many attractions to enjoy, according to the Zoo’s website. This year, the event will be themed around time travel, with some of the attractions being a haunted dinosaur safari, and “‘1980s Nightmares,’ an elaborately themed haunted experience presented through the lens of classic horror movies,” according to the Zoo’s website. 

Candice Rennels, director of public relations, said the event was inspired in part by the pandemic. 

“The pandemic had an interruption on our everyday routine and it caused us all to lose a little track of time, so we thought we would embrace that for this year’s event,” Rennels said. “With that theme in mind, we will have different activities and events all around the zoo.”

This is the zoo’s third time putting on the event and — after taking a break from the event last year — they are limiting attendance to 2000 general admission guests and 600 VIP guests for social distancing. Tickets for VIP spots are already sold out, but those who want to participate can still buy a general admission ticket on the zoo’s website

Rennels said the event is a great way to experience the zoo in a different light.

“The best part about this event is that people can experience the zoo in a different way,” Rennels said. “A lot of us come to the zoo to see the animals during the day and this event is a fun way for guests to come and be at the zoo after hours. It’s a really fun way to reconnect adults with the zoo."

“Haunt The Zoo: All Grown Up” takes place from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday, October 29th, at the Oklahoma City Zoo, for guests 21 years old and over.

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