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Oklahoma City art nonprofits, rapper Jabee to hold tribute art show for late MF DOOM

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MF Doom Tribute

The With Love Project, in collaboration with Jabee and Oklahoma Mural Syndicate, will host a tribute art show for MF DOOM on Feb. 20.  

An Oklahoma City nonprofit is presenting a Daniel Dumile tribute art show at the Alori Chanel gallery Feb. 20. Jabee, a hip-hop artist and activist based in Oklahoma City, is hosting the event. 

The With Love Project, a nonprofit art organization, works in collaboration with Jabee and the Oklahoma Mural Syndicate, another nonprofit art organization, to “increase public art on the eastside of Oklahoma City,” according to its website. 

The With Love Project and Jabee will honor Daniel Dumile, who died Halloween of last year, in the upcoming art show. Dumile, better known as MF DOOM, was a hip-hop artist known for his “intricate rhyme scheme and signature mask,” according to Rolling Stone.

Jabee said he has been a fan of MF DOOM and his music for years. 

“A lot of things that he said in his music really resonated, and the way that he put his music together and his albums together was just like a collage of art,” Jabee said. 

Jabee got the idea to honor MF DOOM in an art show while on a 131-mile activism walk from Oklahoma City to McAlester in honor of Julius Jones, an inmate currently on death row

“It was just devastating … that’s when I found out that he died,” Jabee said. “And while I was on that walk I kind of planned this art show.” 

Jabee said he wanted to bring “a dope art show to Oklahoma City” and honor MF DOOM in the process. He said the show will feature about 33 artists from all over the country, and all of the art will honor MF DOOM in some way. Several pieces have already been highlighted on the With Love Project’s Instagram.

“I've had the privilege of traveling with music on tour,” Jabee said. “I’ve met and collaborated with different artists throughout the country, so this was an opportunity to collaborate with the different artists that I've met over the years. All of them are DOOM fans.”

The event will take place from 1-9 p.m. Feb. 20 at the Alori Chanel gallery located at 1740 NE 23rd St. in Oklahoma City. The art on display will be on sale, according to the With Love Project’s Instagram, and a portion of the sales will benefit the With Love Project and their mission to promote public art in the area. 

The art show is a free, drop-in event open to the public.

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