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Norman Music Festival announces 2023 headliners


Poster for the Norman Music Festival 2023 headliners. 

Norman Music Festival has revealed the headliners for the 2023 weekend.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Norman Music Festival, the city's free music event held in the Walker Arts District. The festival will take place from April 27-29.

Norman Music Festival is produced by the Norman Music Alliance, a volunteer-run nonprofit. Shari Jackson, executive director of the organization, said she is very excited about this year’s lineup.

“Oklahoma really doesn’t get enough attention for the quality and diversity of our music scene,” Jackson wrote in an email. “We have an open call for bands every year and receive over 500 submissions from every imaginable genre of music from throughout Oklahoma, and actually now from all over the country.”

Thursday, April 27 headliners include Black Belt Eagle Scout, Chelsea Days and Finite Galaxy.

Norman Music Festival provides a chance for up-and-coming artists to show off their talent. Rap duo Finite Galaxy said they just want people to go hang out with them and are proud to share their music.

“We are a bilingual duo, with me being the Hindi rapper alongside Flo St8 who raps in English,” Finite Galaxy member Sun Deep said. “This is the first time that a Hindi-language rapper is going to come up on stage at Norman Music Festival and share his culture and music, so we hope that people come and join this historic moment. We are certainly proud to be headlining the festival and sharing our music.”

Finite Galaxy also said they hope to inspire festival goers through their music, particularly those who may be struggling.

“Our music is all about self-reflection and openly talking about our mental struggles,” Sun Deep said. ”I hope people know that whatever hardships they are going through right now, they are not alone. I hope everyone enjoys the set and feel energized after listening to Finite Galaxy.”

Friday, April 28 features billy woods, Acid Dad, Wine Lips, Ghost Funk Orchestra, Nia Mone, Rudy De Anda and Sisteria.

Katie Williams, lead member of Sisteria, said they have been attending Norman Music Festival from the beginning. Sisteria originated in Norman.

“It’s wonderful to get to be both a spectator and a performer in our community,” Williams said.“Sisteria was created from a place of freedom and exploration. We like to share both of those things with the audience and invite you to be uninhibited with us.”

Saturday, April 29 showcases illuminati hotties, Cola, Hosty, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, Jabee and Archer Oh.

Jackson said she is especially excited for the punk rock bands playing. Norman Music Festival will provide something for everyone’s taste.

“Illuminati Hotties and Cola on our main stage on Saturday nights are just a lot of fun, really great musicians, very cool vibe, and bands you are going to hear a lot more from in the future,” Jackson wrote. “Personally, I’m a punk rock fan so I can’t wait to see Wine Lips in person, I can’t stop listening! ... If you like things a little more on the psychedelic fuzzy side we’ve got Acid Dad, Acid Mother's Temple, and Sisteria, who are from right here in Norman Oklahoma!”

Jackson is also excited to see performances from rap artists, including Jabee, who owns Eastside Pizza in Oklahoma City.

“I also can’t wait to see rap artists Jabee and billy woods," Jackson wrote. "Jabee has done so much not just for the music scene, but for the greater Oklahoma City community, and his music is from the heart and incredible….and billy woods, well, if you haven’t listened to his 2022 album Aethiopes… do yourself a favor.”

Sarah Tudzin, member of illuminati hotties, said she is excited for the band to play at Norman Music Festival for the first time.

“I’m a total newcomer to the fest,” Tudzin said. “I’ve heard in the past Norman Music Festival has hosted some amazing headliners, and it’s an honor to be among the list of great acts that show up for a fun and free event!”

Hosty is a lifelong Norman resident who says he is honored to be invited to the festival. He’s been playing in the Norman scene for a long time.

“I still play as a one man band every Sunday at The Deli and have for the past 25 years, singing my originals and birthday songs for those turning 21. It’s a Norman tradition,” Hosty said. “I'm excited to be invited to play as a headliner in my hometown on one of the main stages.”

Jackson said the festival will be a place of discovery for festival goers.

“We love that our festival goers are going to be discovering some of their new favorite bands while seeing some of their favorites already,” Jackson wrote. “It’s a festival that hopefully has something for everyone, in a space where everybody can be themselves and feel welcome.”

More information about the festival will be revealed in the coming weeks, so festivalgoers should stay tuned to Norman Music Festival's Instagram and Twitter.

“NMF is a community effort,” Jackson wrote. “Come volunteer, donate, buy a VIP pass, apply to set up an art booth. … We would love to have your help. See everybody in April!”

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